People killed or injured in Acocks Green

Below is a list of people injured or killed in air raids in Acocks Green. It may be incomplete: any additions or corrections would be welcome.


15th/16th August 1940

Killed: Hilda Quinn, aged 47, Louisa Quinn, aged 61 - 46 Cottesbrook Road

24th/25th August 1940

Killed: Jack Prince, aged 43, Beatrice Prince, aged 40, Norman Prince, aged 12, Sylvia Prince, aged 13 - 14 Wildfell Road

Injured: Joan Prince, Selwyn Prince, 14 Wildfell Road

16th or 20th/21st October 1940

Killed: Wilfred Wyatt, aged 48 - 249 Severne Road, at 65 Holloway Head

24th October 1940

Killed: Henry Owen Watson, aged 50 - 43 Fenton Road

18th/19th November 1940

Killed: George Bourne, aged 44 - 14 Northanger Road; Arthur Howard Wootton, aged 26 - 34 Beeches Avenue (died 29th November)

Injured: Thomas Frost, 315 Gospel Lane; Alice Cole, 142 Oakhurst Road; Harry Finch, 64 Hollyhock Road; Ian Frost, 1144 Warwick Road; Frank Johnson, 73 Denham Road; Edward Mills, 47 Thornfield Road; Albert Mycock, 104 Douglas Road; Gertrude Smith, 65 Olton Boulevard East; Dedifor Suter, Mary Suter, John Suter, Mary Suter, 6 Lyall Grove; Bernard Page, 104 Fenton Road; Arthur Worrall, 19 Fox Green Crescent; Christopher Castle, 37 Stockfield Road; Edward Mason, 20 Dryden Grove

19th/20th November 1940

Killed: W. Dalgetty, aged 47 - 83 Hazelwood Road; Agnes Jukes, aged 53, John Albert Jukes, aged 19 - 8 Lyall Grove; Harry Hall, aged 26 - of 53 Cottesbrook Road at the B.S.A.; William John Hemms, aged 56 - of 9 Ferris Grove at the B.S.A.; Charles Ernest Hill, aged 46 - of 65 Gospel Farm Road at the B.S.A.; Harold Horne, aged 31 - of 244 Stockfield Road at the B.S.A.; David Thomas Savin, aged 7, Kenneth Joseph Savin, aged 2, Raymond Savin, aged 4 - 20 Broomhall Crescent

20th/21st November 1940

Injured: James Dennis, 199 Severne Road; Ernest Barby, 67 Alexander Road; Lily Beach, 97 Fenton Road; Alfred Clark, 67 Shirley Road; George Coombes, 37 Shirley Road; John Gordon, 28 Dolphin Lane; John Gough, 230 Pool Farm Road; George Hewett, 58 Oakhurst Road; Albert Hill, 130 Shirley Road; Albert Hopkins, 119 Alexander Road; Michael Frederick, 45 Sherbourne Road; Harold Nock, 136 Shirley Road; Walter Parson, 72 Pool Farm Road; Harry Richards, 256 Dolphin Lane; Georgina Simpson, 34 Olton Croft; Charles Stemp, 7 Henbury Road; Edith Tyler, 103 Bramley Road

22/23rd November 1940

Killed: Frank Latham Davis, aged 66, Maud Davis, aged 79 - 35 Alexander Road; Euphemia Mary Mark, aged 59, Phoebe Ann Mark, aged 90 - 33 Alexander Road

Injured: Elsie Abrahams, Harry Ashbourne, 238 Olton Boulevard East; G. Jackson, 135 Severne Road; Charles Jeavons, 127 Yardley Road

Also injured 19th-24th November 1940: Merle Grace, 33 Alexander Road

11th/12th December 1940

Killed: Edgar Yarnold, aged 46 - 11 Ninfield Road; Avril Cynthia Hale, aged 8 - 305 Lincoln Road North; Dennis Dwyer, aged 17 114 Woodcock Lane

Injured: Cyril Bush, 24 Ninfield Road; Ivy Cutts, 51 Olton Boulevard; John Griffiths, 51 Arden Road; Albert Hillstead, 148 Douglas Road; Harold Penver, 9 Hollyhock Road, Arthur Pipe, 131 Shirley Road; Fred Taylor, 100 Tibland Road

9th/10th April 1941

Injured: Raymond Davis, 70 Tavistock Road; Olive McCormick, 66 Olton Boulevard East; H. Allen, 116 Fenton Road

30th July 1942

Killed: Alfred Smith Stafford, aged 36 - 14 Malvern Road

Injured: Anthony Jennings, 12 Malvern Road; Sidney Bright, 11 Fanshawe Road

31st July 1942

Killed: Jane Greenway, aged 71, Winifred Greenway, aged 34 - 366 Stockfield Road

Injured: Lucy Brown, 33 Fanshawe Road


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