Elmdon Road

The first mention of houses on Elmdon Road is in a directory of 1898, where Strontian (number 1) and Elmdon Lodge (number 20) are mentioned. In 1899 Shaldon is added next to Elmdon Lodge, which may be Elie/Elis Lodge of the 1901 directory (number 24). In that year Ivydene (number 34), Strathewan (number 36) and Hadenford (number 40) also appear. Athol Lodge (number 16) appears on the 1904 map and in the 1905 directory. The 1905 directory also has Ashleigh (later Arleigh, number 28) and Ingleside (number 30). There is confusing naming and sequencing. Earls Ferrie appears where Elie Lodge was, and there is no Elmdon Lodge! By 1910 the sequence Athol Lodge, Elmdon Lodge and Elie Lodge is present. On the odd numbers side Rosedale (number 7) and The Rowans (probably number 9, later Austerlands) are in the 1901 census. Numbers 3 (Raveloe) and 5 (Coruisk) are listed in 1903. Numbers 15 (Ravenshaw or Ravenhurst) and 17 (Beechcroft) are on the 1904 O.S. map and in a directory of 1905.

Strontian was replaced by numbers 1a, 1b and 1c around 1969. Numbers 11 and 13 appeared around 1961/2. Numbers 19 to 39 appeared in 1962. Numbers 41 to 51 appeared in 1931. Numbers 4 to 12 appeared in 1928. Numbers 44 to 48 date from 1959, and numbers 50 to 68 from 1937.


Today in 2011 there is a new building housing a plumbing business at the back of 50 Yardley Road, number 3 is a convent, number 5 a guest house, number 7 is flats, and number 51 is a kennels and cattery. On the other side of the road number 16 is a guest house, numbers 20 and 24 a guest house, and numbers 34 and 36 are divided into flats. 

Elmdon Road, c. 1905 (Peter White)
Elmdon Road, c. 1905 (Peter White)

It is now possible to see the sequence of large-scale O.S. maps online at www.old-maps.co.uk. For this road enter the postcode B27 6LJ, and choose the 1:2,500 maps up until 1952-4 (there is no 1937 map at this scale). Use the plus and minus buttons to change how close up you wish to see the houses. The map can be dragged by using click and hold as normal.



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