Male adults in Church End Quarter, 1798

This transcription comes from unpublished notes of the Yardley project.


May 6th, 1798

A True List of the names of all Persons dwelling in Churchend Quarter in the Parish of Yardley in the County of Worcester between the ages of Fifteen and Sixty years, 6 May 1798
Bennet Chambers, in the 2nd Troop, Warwe.Yeomanry

Bennet Chambers, in the 2nd Troop, Warwe.Yeomanry

Benjamin Jennings

Thomas Taylor

John Dolphin

Thomas Priest Junr.

Samuel Bingham

Benjamin Astbury

Thomas Davis

Joseph Thickbroon, infirm

William Davis

John ?Turk

William Palmer

John Bull

John Jefferies

Thomas Brookes

William Bates

William Marston

John ?Buano

Michael Brookes

Jacob Hopkins

Joseph Brookes

James Hopkins

Richard Burkinshaw

Richard Burrows, ?Excise Officer

Charles Rollaston

John Leah/Leak

Thomas Waters

James Westwood

Joseph Lea

John Waldron,infirm

John Hopkins

Thomas Waldron

Thomas Hutton, Lame

James Waldron

John Orton

Mr.Thomas Salt

John Bates, hard of hearing and a short leg

James Salt, infirm

Richard ?Vyse

William Garrison

Thomas ?Hollisake

Thomas Deakin, nearly Deaf

William Anderton

George Harding

John Smallbrook

John Deakin

Sebastian Lucas

John Holloway

Charles Clark, hard of hearing

Samuel Holloway

George Reynolds

Thomas Lee

William Reynolds

Robert Foden

Thomas Petty

John Smith

Samuel Hopkins

John Walker, infirm

Charles Hopkins

John Walker, Junr.

John Munnion

William Mal-?

William Cothill

John Joiner

William Gibbs

Jonas Palmer

Henry Hudson

Richard Barratt

William Lea

Thomas Chesterton

Job Smith

John Dipple

Henry Nash

John Price

John Betts

Robert Taylor

William Chambers

John Croxal

John Perkins Junr.

William Moss, infirm

John Perkins Senr., infirm

Charles Moor

William Perkins

Humphrey Barratt

Jeremiah Poney

John Welch

William Tomlinson

Thomas Cox

John Nash

Thomas Shaw

John Worrall

Abraham Heath, Constable

John Barnacle

Joseph Ravenall

George Hailstone

Samuel Ravenall

Thomas Hopkins

Joseph Biddle

John ?Maunter

Thomas Biddle

Edward Dingley

William Leak, Junr.

Benjamin Terry

Martin Bickenhill

William Plain

Joseph Bickenhill

Thomas Underwood

William Reynolds

Thomas Luckman

Thomas Raisin

William Barnacle

Joseph Morley


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