Possible mills in Greet and Tyseley, Medley's Mill

? Possible mills in Greet and Tyseley
On the First Edition One Inch O.S. map, published in 1833, a long race is shown, starting upstream of Formans Road, running parallel with the river across what became the Burbury Brickworks, and re-entering it just upstream of the Spark Brook confluence. No mill is shown, but the map (besides being less accurate than its successors) is incomplete in its showing of mills, several known ones being absent from it, so that this proves nothing. One building, at the bottom of the present Weston Lane, appears to be placed over the channel: was this a small mill associated with Greet House on the hillside above?


There were millstones in the Tyseley Brook near the Warwick Road around World War One, I am informed. Was there a mill nearby, perhaps associated with the ancient moated homestead of Tyseley? On the 1843 Yardley Tithe Map an osier bed is shown at the junction of the brook with a field boundary that follows the line of the head-race: by that time the works of Hay Mill (see below) extended upstream almost to that point.


Medley’s Mill, Small Heath
The mill is shown as ‘Boreing Mill’ on Beighton’s 1725 Mapp, but plotted on the east bank of the Cole instead of the west. It is shown on a map of Bordesley Manor by J. Tomlinson, 1760. It appears to be at riverside with no races or pool, on the left bank one hundred yards upstream of the Coventry Road. Neither mill nor works appear on the 1840s Tithe Maps of Aston and Yardley, but Mill Meadow is shown on the former just north of the Turnpike. I have no information about this mill.



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Possible mills in Greet and Tyseley, Medley's Mill
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