Yardley church wardens 1670 to 1773

This page is collated from unpublished notes by the Yardley project.


Church Wardens of Yardley 1670 to 1773

1670 Luke Dolphin and John Marston
1671 Aylmer Johot Bull and Henry Gemm
1673 John Adams and John Field
1674 Samuel Chambers and John Marston
1675 Samuel Devereux and John Marston
1676 John Alexander and William Clay
1677 William Arch and William Backen
1679 Thomas Alport and John Tayler
1680 Joseph Fox and Richard Steward
1681 Samuel Bissakerfund and Richard Brockhurst
1682 Samuel Greaves and Humphrey Watton
1683 Thomas Marston Weaver and Symon Lea
1684 Ambrose Birche and Richard Hanns
1685 Richard Hughes and Thomas Peeler
1686 Joseph Stephens and John Lee
1689 William Acock gent and Christopher Wright gent
1688 Thomas Hadley and Joseph Lee
1689 William Philipps and Richard Wareing
1690 George Russel gent and Richard Whitehouse
1691 John Hopkins and Joseph Peaton
1692 W. Edward Este and William Marston
1693 James Swift and John Beake
1694 George Hall and Edward Fletcher
1695 Arthur Gobsall and John Richards
1696 Josh Fox of the Grove and John Cottrell
1697 Henry Powell and Thomas Fowler
1698 John Eaves and John Peters
1699 Sammuel Warwick and James Lea
1700 George Chambers and Thomas Underhill
1701 Mr Richard Acocke and Joseph Hunt
1702 Edward Lea and John Dolphin (J)
1703 Thomas Wright and Humphrey Gibins
1704 John Bissell and Richard Barns
1705 Richard Chekit and Richard Hopkins
1706 Richard Collet and George Stokes
1707 Arden Thornton and Joseph King
1708 Joseph Peters and Thomas Ashfield
1709 Thomas Bobins and John Ardner
1710 John Vile and Isaac Burnell
1711 John Thickbroom and Thomas Leak
1712 Richard Ball and William Richards
1713 William Phillips and John Butler
1714 John Wall and John Newberry
1715 William Wolf and William Turner
1716 John Lee and Henry Barnes (Overseers William Phillips, Thomas Fox, Richard Bissel, John Hays)
1717 William Phillips and Thomas Acocks (Overseers Joseph Yates, Sammuel Lee, John Bambrook, John Bitter)
1718 John Bissel and John Hill (Overseers Joseph Hadley, James Lee, Joseph Coltere)
1719 Humphrey Coocks and Thomas Greaves (Overseers Josiah Turner, John Alldern, John Bissel, Sammuel Allan)
1720 Thomas Fox and Thomas Baker (Overseers Thomas Leack, John Hill, Humphry Watton, William Gunn)
1721 Thomas Phillips and Thomas Backer (Overseers Benjamin Hopkins, William Harrison, Edward Fuesler, James Westwood)
1722 Richard Bissel and Samuel .... (Overseers William Dowler, Benjamin Owen, William Rotheram, John Thickbroom )
1723 James Hopkins and James Dowler (Overseers Humphrey Coocks, John Walker, William Burton, Joshua Heath)
1724 Robert Eaves and John Hands (Overseers William Harrison, Thomas Peter, James Lee, John Walton)
1725 William Gunn and Thomas Horton (Overseers Robert Thornton, Thomas Walton, George Hall, William Fitter)
1726 John Bissel and Henry Leak
1727 Richard Biscoe and Edward Dingley
1728 Edward Dingley
1730 Benjamin Oven and Humphrey Watlon
1731 James Hopkins and John Thickbroom
1732 Robert Harrison and Sammuel Greaves
1733 Abraham Horton and Mr William Fitter
1734 John Taylor and John Dolphin
1735 Benjamin Hopkin and William Burton
1736 Thomas Wharston and W. John Dolphin
1737 Thomas Yates and Thomas Baker
1738 Jos. Gunn and Thomas White
1739 John Yates and John Barton
1740 W. Jos. Bissel and Thomas Backe
1741 Joshua Francis and John Griffin
1742 Phineas Pinor and Jos. Lee
1743 John Heath and Jos. Peters
1744 William Lacey and Sammuel Fisher
1745 Joseph Yates (jun) and W. Joseph Gunn
1746 George Bissell and Hugh Lea
1747 Joseph Fee and John Marston
1748 James Celat and W. John Wolleston
1749 William Wave and John Bryon
1750 John Thornton and Thomas Hadley
1751 Mr Rich Wright and Sammuel Gunn
1752 Mr Rich Wright and Sammuel Gunn
1753 Mr Rich Wright and John Rogers
1754 Mr Rich Wright and John Rogers
1755 Mr Rich Wright and John Rogers
1756 John Bosworth and Thomas Dolphin
1757 Thomas Luther and William Turner
1758 John Payner and John Ashford
1759 Robert Steedman and Robert Fox
1760 Robert Steedman and Robert Fox
1761 Robert Steedman and Robert Fox
1762 Robert Steedman and Robert Fox
1763 Robert Steedman and Robert Fox
1764 Robert Steedman and Robert Fox
1765 Robert Steedman and Robert Fox
1766 Robert Steedman and Robert Fox
1767 Henry Ashmore and Thomas Mansfield
1768 John Everit and George Hanns
1769 John Welch and John Onions
1770 Abraham Hargrave and Henry Powell
1771 Joshua Thomlinson and John Aving
1772 Sammuel Rostell and Richard Eavey
1773 Abraham Heath and Edward Hawkes


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