Map Sources
Britannia Strip-Map - Ogilby, 1675
Mapp of Warwickshire - Beighton, 1725
Plan of land near Lady Mill – 1750
Plan of land near Coldbath Pool – 1750
Plan of Estates of John Taylor in Sheldon, etc. – 1756
Plan of Bordesley Manor - J. Tomlinson, 1760
Plan of land near Trittiford Pool - c.1800
Plan of Taylor Estates in Yardley, etc. – 1807
Plan of land at Moseley – 1843
Plan of Sheldon – 1850
Plan of Greet Farm and Mill – 1850
Survey of Hay Hall – 1851
Maps of Birmingham and District - 1779-l884
Map of District around Birmingham - Day, 1875. - Blood, 1875
Map of Birmingham and District - Sharp, 1787 - Sherriff, 1788
Map of Birmingham and Suburbs - Bartholomew, 1910
Tithe Maps of Yardley, Sheldon, Solihull, Kings Norton, Bordesley, Little Bromwich, Castle Bromwich, Coleshill – 1840-60
Tithe Map of Yardley, 1880 (?)
Ordnance Survey: 1st edn. North Warks. Two inches to one mile, 1832
Ordnance Survey: 5th edn. Birmingham. One inch to one mile, 1881-1910
Ordnance Survey: 6th edn. Birmingham, 1916, corrected
Ordnance Survey: 7th edn. Birmingham, 1953
Ordnance Survey: 1st edn. Six-Inch series
Ordnance Survey: Geological Survey
Plan of Taylor Estates in Yardley and Kings Norton – 1913


Printed Sources
Domesday Geography of Midland England - ed. Darby, Terrell
Watermills - P.N. Wilson
History of Corn Milling - Bennett and Elton
Domesday Watermills - Hodgin and Eyton
Old Watermills and Windmills – Hopkins
British Windmills and Watermills – Skilton
The Story of Water Supply – Robins
Birmingham & Its Regional Setting – University of Birmingham
Victoria County Histories of Worcs. and Warks.
Birmingham Faces and Places Vols. 1-6
Discovering Sheldon – Skipp
Birmingham Archaeological Society Transactions, various
Birmingham Weekly Post, various
Aris’s Birmingham Gazette 1756-1804
Sale Catalogue of Taylor Estates, 1913


Manuscript Sources, etc.
Notes and Material for a History of Yardley – Bickley
Report on Bounds of Yardley, 1609
Rental of Taylor Estates in Yardley, etc. 1764-84
Account Books of Receiver of Taylor Estates, 1855-63
Account Books of Taylor Estates, 1848-58
Grinding Fee Book of Sarehole Mill, 1894
Warwickshire Photography Survey


Human Sources
Mr. and Mrs. Woollaston, Colebrook Priory
Mr. J. Lawrence, Tanners Green
Miss Yoxall, formerly Colebrook Hall Farm
Mr. G. Andrews, Sarehole Mill
Mr. W. Townsend, Kingshurst Hall
Mr. H. E. Taylor, Solihull
Mrs. Scrivener, Peterbrook
Miss M. E. Hawley, Erdington
Mr. Hastings, Blyth Hall Mill



Provisional list of Cole valley watermills
Peterbrook, Dobbs, Crab, Kilcop and Forshaw Mills
Colebrook Priory and Old Mills
Trittiford Mill
Broomhall and Lady Mills
Sarehole Mill
Greet Mill
Possible mills in Greet and Tyseley, Medley's Mill
Hay Mills

Wash and Stechford Mills
Babbs, other Sheldon, Kingsford and Coleshill Mills

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