Built heritage in Acocks Green


Acocks Green was a rural backwater until the coming of the railway in 1852. All the farms and large houses have gone, and apart from a few cottages, the oldest buildings left were built as Acocks Green developed after that date. However, just over the canal are some statutorily listed buildings, and they are included here because of their proximity, not because they are strictly speaking in Acocks Green! The last obviously timber-framed building in Acocks Green itself was pulled down in the 1970s amidst controversy. This was Fieldgate Farm, off Yardley Road near the canal. The oldest buildings in Acocks Green are probably the cottages on Arden Road. If you want to define Mansfield Road as part of Acocks Green, Pinfold House and the timber-framed buildings alongside are 17th century. All these are described on the page about statutorily listed buildings.

The information on the listed buildings is reproduced or taken from the public information held by the Planning service of the City Council. Any changes to the buildings since then are not catered for. More documents can be found at http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/cs/Satellite/conservation?packedargs=website%3D4&rendermode=live

Other buildings may not be listed but are worthy of note in their own right.


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