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It was Eastbourne House School from 1948 until 2007. The porch barge boards are original: the main roof boards used to be in the same design.


Wynford Road/Yardley Road

It is also unusual because it is a single-story building with dormers. It could be the Thickbroom family's farmhouse, and may be much earlier than mid-Victorian.


'Baskerville House'

The owners have done meticulous researches and have proved there is no connection with the famous printer. The association is with the Cook family. Benjamin Senior, a brassfounder, was listed at Baskerville House, probably a rebuild on the original site, in the years around 1820. The Cook family owned the land where The Avenue was built.

75 Shirley Road

Andy Foster, building conservationist and historian, has supplied the following information: 75 Shirley Road was originally a pair of cottages built for Henry. Phillips in 1888, architects Crouch and Butler (Solihull R.S.A. plan 6 approved Feb 8th. 1888, completion July 27th.).


Greswolde Park Road

He was previously at the Shrubbery, Sherbourne Road.


65 Victoria Road

This appears in the Planning Applications in 1923, but he and his wife are listed from the Spring 1925 Voters lists. Around 1947 they went to live at 64 Sir Harry's Road, Edgbaston. See below for houses he had built across Olton Boulevard East from his house.


Crabbe houses

He lived across the road on the short stretch of Victoria Road, at number 65, and did not want to see more municipal houses opposite his home, so bought the field and built these around 1931! The end of the municipal row is on the left: Crabbe's houses continue almost to Shirley Road.


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