The Yardley Tithe 1847

Tithes were originally paid to the church, but ownership of these rights often passed to lay people over time. Payment in kind had been substituted by money payment in many cases. The Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 was passed in order to substitute rent charges for all land still subject to tithes.


This is one of the most important sources of information from the nineteenth century. It consists of a map and accompanying Apportionment. The Apportionment lists owners and tenants of land, field names and field sizes, and some other information not provided here. At the same time that the Tithe Apportionment was made, an Enclosure Award was made too. The map from this is included here, as it gives many field names for areas to be enclosed, and is clearer for some features.


The information has been structured as a website. Pages will open in new windows, so that you can switch between them and the Apportionment using the taskbar. If you are searching for a name, go to the Tithe Apportionment page; searching the Apportionment is with the Edit/Find function in the browser. This has some limitations, but will work. If you decide to look at the map and then need to search for a field number, go to the Field numbers in order page from the map page. Unfortunately, the first 386 field numbers were duplicated when the 1847 Enclosure Award was done: the map for this Award can be seen on the Enclosure Map page.


The page containing the Tithe Apportionment has nearly three thousand entries set out in a table, and may take some time to load.


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This information has been structured and collated for Acocks Green History Society.


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The Tithe Map and Apportionment for Yardley 1843/7


Tithe Map

Field numbers in order

Tithe Apportionment
Enclosure Award Map

Principal landowners, occupiers and tenant farmers

Yardley Vicarial Tithes 1821 to 1822



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