Fox Hollies and the Walker family



Fox Hollies is an area which until changes in voting arrangements from 2004 defined half of the suburb of Acocks Green. The two place names date back to medieval times, and it can be argued that Fox Hollies is the older term. The name Fox Hollies refers to a Council Ward, to a large Hall and estate, and to an inter-war council housing estate. All three meanings have different aspects, and in essence denote different ways of life. A Local Heritage Initiative project in 2004 investigated and promoted the community identity of Fox Hollies in all these periods. Acocks Green History Society, Acocks Green Library, the Holly Fox Residents' Association, Oaklands Junior and Infant School and the Landscape Practice Group of the City Council were partners in this project.


There is a clear line of meaning and identity for Fox Hollies, especially since the era of Fox Hollies Hall and the Walker family. There has been a transition from rural pursuits to municipal estates full of hope, and a long distressing decline now being reversed. Local history gives extra resonance and meaning, a time sequence and a depth of perception and understanding, which can be an important resource for community regeneration and intergenerational understanding. It can make an obvious contribution to 'flourishing neighbourhoods'.

We would welcome any memories or photographs you have, which would enrich the understanding of this area for present and future generations. Please contact us if you can help. The email address is:


Fox Hollies

The origins of Fox Hollies

The Walker era

Sale catalogues, Fox Hollies Hall

Housing between the wars

Fox Hollies since the war

Acocks Green Carnival
Fox Hollies Forum

Fox Hollies Special School

The work of Dave Swingle

The work of Elsie Carter

Hall Green Little Theatre

Ninestiles school

Childhood memories of Jean Mercer


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